NPJ Technology

Process: Printheads with thousands of inkjet nozzles simultaneously jet millions of ultrafine drops of both build and support materials onto the system build tray in ultrathin layers.

Advantage: Liquid dispersion of solid nanoparticles in ultrathin layers enables the production of parts with virtually unlimited geometrical complexity and unrivaled quality in a highly efficient manner.

Technical Advantages

Unsurpassed part  quality

-Up to 99.9% density

-10x high precision -Isotropy and uniformity -Extremely low shrinkage
Unprecedented  design freedom

-Any geometry

-Thin wall machining

-Mesh/Grid interior

-Fine details, smooth surfaces

Unrivaled operational  efficiecy

-Spray build and support materials simultaneously


-Easy support removal & save post-processing time and cost

-5 to 10 times competitive

How It Works ?
Step 1:Cartridge Loading
Step 2:Build and Support Material Jetting
Process: Solid nanoparticles in a liquid suspension are delivered within convenient sealed cartridges. Advantage: Build and support material cartridges are loaded quickly & easily by hand, eliminating the need for hard-to-handle hazardous powders.   


Printing heads with thousands of nozzles spray build and support materials at the same time, printing layer by layer at 7 micron.

Step 3:Support Removal
Step 4:Final sintering


Produced parts undergo a simple and relatively short overnight sintering process.


Easy and clean process enables smooth integration into existing operations, and short and simple post-processing.


After the part is manufactured, the support structure, made from special support material, disintegrates easily from the finished part.


Support materials are removed simply without harming the part, greatly reducing the need for time-consuming and delicate post-processing.

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