Five Core Advantages
Scale economy of NPJ technology
Unique NPJ technology of metal and ceramic material, safe, efficient and high-quality manufacturing of any  parts    
7μm layer, 120 million times per second multi-directional injection, low cost & mass production capacity of industrial parts
Lean entrepreneurship,  define, examine and execute new solutions to meet industry iterations and challenges with downstream customers
Based on NPJ technology, develop more kinds of metal and ceramic ink materials to anticipate evolving industry needs
R&D of new application
Partner-driven Approach
Breakthrough leading technology
Forward-Thinking Roadmap
Professional R & D technology team, combination of OEM and ODM, develop new terminal applications
Hangzhou Pentatech Technology Co., Ltd., located in Cloud Town, is a supplier of additive manufacturing solutions integrating 3D design printing, 3D simulation business and terminal product development. Penatatech adheres to the unique NPJ technology factor of XJet, an Israeli black technology company, and comprehensively applies the concept of "lean entrepreneurship" and the "Six Sigma" model. Pentatehc has established a production university research cooperation platform with a number of universities and scientific research institutes around the world, will introduce and research the world's leading manufacturing technology, and serve more and more Chinese enterprises.

普 太 科 技
Pentatech  Technology